Thursday, August 11, 2011

Working large

An artist I know suggested I try working large. This is my first experiment doing so. It's my mate Dominika ( playing laptop games in the dark. Double or triple life size approx. Indian ink on Arches CP paper. The hair, reflections & highlights are all scratching and sanding (scrafitto technique) into the inked paper. I like working big, and fun to use bigger brushes... got some cheap housepainting & bristle style ones I've been playing with.

Also, Engage #10 (below) is currently showing at the Mosman Art Prize. One of the more prestigious art prizes in Australia, it attracted almost 1000 entries this year. Was pretty stoked to be one of those selected to hang. One my way home, stopped into Parker's Art Supplies in The Rocks and bought a 10 X 1.5 metre roll of paper for more big works.

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